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What's keeping you up at night?

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COO // Futurist // Dreamer

Who is Jay?

Who is Jay?

As a futurist and operations professional, I'm deeply committed to the nexus of foresight and growth.


With over two decades of success in orchestrating transformational growth in the market research industry, my journey isn't just about numbers and strategies; it's fueled by a rhythm of creativity and innovation - a melody that I also explore through my passion for experimental music.


This unique blend allows me to lead with an unconventional vision and creativity, inspiring teams while keeping them motivated, and turning the hypothetical into reality.

Operations Management 

Qualitative Research  Biophilic Design 

Field Management Recruitment

Market Research Tech Consulting
Hiring and Mentoring Culture Development


Cooking Turntablism Boxing 

Motorcycling Video Editing

Photography Comedy

Spending time with my two French Bulldogs, Biscuit and Frank the Tank.

Skills + Passions

Work Experience

I'm a life-long market research professional. I started my career as a mall intercept interviewer in 1999 in Tampa, Florida. I immediately fell in love with the research industry and have dedicated my career to it. I spent 12 years managing an award-winning market research facility in Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. In 2012 I left Atlanta and moved to New York City where I joined a well-known full-service UX research consultancy as head of Operations. In 2019, I joined Echo Market Research as head of Operations and quickly assisted in increasing revenue, establishing new processes and growing the team and culture. I'm passionate about all things operations and committed to leveraging my diverse skillset wherever I go. 


More Content

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When I'm not working, you'll find me in the world of experimental music. As JVY+Y3, I channel my observations and experiences into soundscapes, releasing several EPs and a newly released full-length album, "Ambient Torque". This creative outlet not only satiates my personal passion but also fuels my professional life with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.


I recently collaborated with The Monroe Institute on a re-release of Ambient Torque. This special version is called "Expeditions" and each track has been embedded with Monroe Sound Science™ brainwave entrainment signals, which have been meticulously engineered to enhance focus and elevate consciousness. 


Experience "Ambient Torque: Expeditions" here

You can check out my other music on
Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.. More links, including merch here

I also offer sobriety coaching to help people that are looking to give up alcohol. Read more about that here. 

Get in touch- I love meeting new people!

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